About Us

Solution Gerzelj d.o.o. has been set up in 2018 in Split Croatia.
Our company is oriented for job vacancies abroad, mostly in Europe but also in Croatia. For our candidates we offer interesting, long term jobs with a possibility of a professional growth.
During our existence, we built up a stable position between the recruitment agencies and we obtained several awards based on our candidate’s feedbacks. Also, we developed a very strong relationship with our partner companies. Our recruitment team has long years of experience with recruitments and our target is not only to find you a job but to provide you a complete services.

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (QHSE) is in place to provide our employee’s safe work and safe arrival home, to avoid any potential harm to environment.

Our safety behaviour education system is in place and every single employee need to go through safety education program (SEP), annually. All employee’s need to be educated and certified to obtain tasks they are responsible for, which will be checked with our existence office staff.
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality forms the core of our culture and guides the way we work. Solution Gerzelj d.o.o. is committed to having an incident free workplace, providing, as a priority, a safe environment to those involved in or affected by our activities. Effective safety, health and environmental leadership is essential in everything that we do. In all our activities we are actively committed to stringent health and safety standards. Line managers are responsible and accountable for ensuring compliance with all health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) policies and procedures. We will always communicate openly on Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) issues with our clients and share with them our experience and knowledge of successful initiatives.

We are always open to talk with new clients looking for professionals to cooperation in industry and construction.